Results after 8 weeks.



54 years old

I was a bit skeptical .... but there, no more!

I am so impressed with my results. From the first treatments, I saw a difference. At first, my boyfriend made fun of me and now he begs me to use it.
Thank you Beau-T Freeze!
I'm ready for summer


39 years old, Sherbrooke

Hello !
I absolutely want to share my results with the Beau-T Freeze box because I tried it and for the first time in my life I can say it works!
I have always been an active person, passionate about healthy eating and training has been a part of my life for many years. Unfortunately, there is one factor that I have never managed to control and that is genetics. Each body is different and from one person to another, the reserve of fat is not done in the same places for me it is at the level of my thighs. I always hated it and I tried everything that exists to refine my lower body without results. It's frustrating when you have a lifestyle as disciplined as mine.
With Beau-T Freeze I saw the results in the first month. My thighs are now smooth, I feel that the bottom of my body is finally in harmony with the top and the appearance of my skin is toned.

It's impossible not to have a result, I recommend Beau-T Freeze to everyone without hesitation!

Warning: you will have to buy new, smaller pants.

Marie-Chrystel Marier‎

Des résultats visibles Beau-T Freeze

I love my results!

I am completely addicted to the Beaut-T Freeze and I can not live without it because I always see more results.
It's now part of my routine and accompanies me in my weight loss.
My skin is beautiful, firm and my stretch marks are toned down. I was so scared to have toad skin after my 2 pregnancies.



Beau-T Freeze coolsculpting


Beau-T Freeze coolsculpting

The origins of Beauty Oil

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