Beauty Oil

Body oil to improve the appearance of the skin on cellulite, firmness and stretch marks. It will also activate the blood and lymphatic circulation to reduce or even eliminate leg pain, fluid retention, and swelling. Rich in fatty acids, it regenerates and softens the skin tissue. She feeds without leaving a greasy film. Beauty Oil tones loosen fat, facilitates drainage and fights against orange peel. To learn more about all the benefits click on the link:

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Scorpion Brush

Scorpion Brush

The scorpion brush was designed to work the connective tissue to activate the circulation and help reduce the appearance of "orange peel".

In combination with The Beauty Oil, we create a double action on cellulite. For quick results on all types of cellulite.

After applying The Beauty Oil, brush the areas that you want to thin or treat the cellulite with circular movements and always ending from the bottom up (eg for the thighs to make round where it has cellulite then finish by brushing from the knee to the hip)

It is important to drink plenty of water to properly eliminate toxins. About 2 (two) liters of water a day.

The Beau-T Oil serum

Beauty Oil face

 Shock Treatment

Beauty Oil face ''Shock Treatment '' is a night serum with very powerful virtues! It is designed for all skin types to regenerate and repair while providing youth and radiance on face, neck and décolleté.

This product has been perfectly designed to give the skin everything it needs on the anti-aging side. It is a collagen booster in addition to regenerating and firming.

She is very efficient decongestant level. Surprising results are noted on rosacea and rosacea; it will even decongest the eye contour for dark circles and puffiness. (I advise to apply the serum that supports the glasses, this creates a lymphatic drainage fighting against puffiness and dark circles, and even an exceptional result has been found on the eyes that still cry.)

It is also an anti-inflammatory and a powerful cicatrize to calm all imperfections such as acne and rosacea (moreover it will have an antibacterial and antifungal action).

And of course, we notice a lighter complexion and a decrease in pigment spots.

It's a real gem!

The Beauty Oil crème de jour

Day Cream

This beautiful cream contains the same assets as the serum ''Shock Treatment ''
with an extra rose that helps prevent and treat the signs of aging.