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Essential oils are a very effective therapeutic tool to counter the undesirable effects of cellulite.

Did you know that cellulite is above all a local phenomenon of abnormal cell proliferation?
Cellulite is also, more concretely: 85% fatty tissue, 10% water and 5% non-lipidic dry matter, especially protein waste made of free radicals. In addition, the woman stores very easily excess fat (in fact, twice as much as men ...).
Estrogen is one of the causes of these accumulations, and lack of exercise, excess food and heredity are other aggravating factors.

Evolution of cellulite

One of the functions of our organization is to make caloric reserves. And as far as cellulite is concerned, fat is stored in lobules or compartments called adipocytes. These adipocytes are located under the hypodermis, the deepest sub-layer of the skin.

As fat cells grow, these compartments become swollen, hypertrophied, and have an embossed appearance. As a result, when the lobules are distended by the mass of adipocytes filled with triglycerides, the woman's skin takes the appearance of a padded fabric, rough and unsightly called "orange peel".
This increase in fat cells or this excess of localized fat can cause circulatory, venous and lymphatic stagnation. This occurs because the distention of the adipocytes restricts the space between the epidermis and hypodermis. And between the two, in the dermis, circulate the blood and lymphatic vessels. In addition, there are sensitive nerves that become painful under localized tension and inflammation.

Fortunately, essential oils have quick and conclusive effects!

The essential oil consists of very fine and volatile molecules so it easily passes through the different layers of the skin allowing complete penetration to the blood and lymphatic system.

When the repeated application of the right blend of essential oils, cellulite will break up and gradually resorb through the lymphatic and blood channels.

Thus, the essential oil will liquefy fat and the repeated treatment that you will apply will help eliminate this unwanted, unsightly and painful cellulite.

Authentic essential oils are, without a doubt, an effective way to eliminate cellulite, because they are lipophilic that is to say they have the ability to dislodge fat.

Do not forget to make other changes to your lifestyle (more exercise, less refined sugars or bad fats etc.)

Toxins, venous and lymphatic congestion, tissue looseness, hormonal disorder and circulatory stagnation are other real causes of cellulite, problems that essential oils can easily correct when we identify with precision their origin and the best adequate oils to treat them.

Bouteille Beauty oil

The Beauty Oil is a high-quality body oil that has successfully saddled each of the essential oils in order to keep all of its properties for each of them to complete their work. It is therefore made of a perfect combination to improve both the appearance of cellulite and the firming of the skin.


See the user manual:

It gives results as much on the appearance of cellulite as the firmness and beauty of the skin so it can be applied on the whole body, arms, décolté, belly, thighs, buttocks (except the face)


Properties, indications and suggested uses are from aromatherapy books. This information is provided for informational purposes, it can not in any way constitute medical information or incur any liability whatsoever. For any use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes, consult a health professional.


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